Targeted Advertising

Exclusive Co-Op Marketing for Members

As a marketing organization, we work to promote Valley Forge and Montgomery County across all media. You will see our ads on billboards, in magazines, at train stations, and across all digital platforms. 

Members have a unique opportunity to buy co-op space in our campaigns. Every time a member buys into our co-op programs, the money goes back into our marketing, allowing us to buy more ads and drive more business in our community. 

For more information on any of these opportunities, contact Justine Garbarino, Business Development Manager. 


Elmwood Park Zoo Billboard

Billboards remain a key part of our marketing strategy. We have co-op billboards in high visibility locations in and around Philadelphia on major roads like I-95, the Schuylkill Expressway and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

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Visitors Guide Ads

All members receive a free listing in Visitors Guide, but for those businesses that want to increase their exposure, we offer sponsorships throughout. High-profile pages including the inside cover and back cover are availalbe for purchase. The guide has a distribution of more than 200,000 and ads are available starting at $900.

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Website Ads

Sponsorship on is the easiest, most cost-effective co-op marketing that we offer. Ads are available from as little as $25 per month. Ads on put you in front of the 35,000 qualified visitors who are looking for things to do, places to stay, places to eat and services in Valley Forge and Montgomery County.

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