Exclusive Events Present Practical, Useful Information

The benefits of VFTCB membership will increase in a significant and meaningful manner, starting in the first quarter of 2016 and continuing throughout the year.

"We had been searching for a while for a way to engage members on a deeper level," says Director of Event Services and Membership Megan Tomlinson. "We knew that there is a hunger out there for practical, usable business advice, especially for mom-and-pop organizations that may be long on enthusiasm but short on resources like time or funds.

"We've come up with a way to teach them a lot, with little impact on schedules or budgets," she concludes.

The VFTCB will be launching its Membership Speaker Series in 2016, with a proposed schedule of every other month following. The first installment, January 28, will be held at the Sheraton Valley Forge; look for a save-the-date reminder in the next week or so.

Topics for the series will address hands-on tactics for important business tools like social media and websites, but they will also feature a lifestyle session or two, including information on golf techniques and wine pairings.

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