Pokemon Go Players - Gotta Catch 'Em All

Since July 6 an outbreak of smartphone users has exhibited what could be called odd behavior. Noses down, phones pointed forward, they were spotted wandering sidewalks, trails and streets nationwide.

Their goal? The pursuit of a menagerie of virtual characters, all tracked, hunted and captured on the Pokémon Go app.

The mobile video game has since caught fire. According to SensorTower, a research firm tracking app downloads, the virtual reality quest has been installed into more than 15 million phones as of mid-July.

Travel-tourism destinations saw a huge upside.

pokemon go kop mall goldeen jimmy choo and slowpoke

In short, Pokémon Go brings visitors. Better still, they are overwhelmingly younger explorers that historic destinations have been courting - with often only moderate success - for decades.

The VFTCB has therefore devoted a website and a number of blogs to aid players throughout Montgomery County.

Among the recommended hunting grounds is Valley Forge National Historical Park, a listing that this significant site was totally on board with.

pokemon go ranger vanessa latramRanger Vanessa Latham says, "It has been amazing to see the influx of a younger, more diverse demographic visiting the park.

"I'll admit, one concern is that Pokémon Go trainers are visiting the historical markers for Pokéstops and Gyms rather than learning about their significance. However, we also have a great number of runners, hikers and bikers who visit the park without reading each monument.

"We have always been happy to have them here, and I see Pokémon Go trainers as no different."

Like most fads, this too shall pass. Until then, Montgomery County and the VFTCB remain fully supportive of those who visit our parks, trails, restaurants, museums and historic locations, interested simply in having a (Poké)ball.

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